Pot N’ Kettle Cottages

Franklin, TN.

If you’ve ever tried to imagine what that typical small-town-in-the-middle-of-mountains that is just quintessentially Americana to the core, well then, you’ve imagined Franklin, TN. Located just outside of the bustling city of Nashville sits this beautiful countryside. Sprawling greenery with horses and cows and large country homes of many country world celebrities dot the landscape, and outstretched sunsets, and fireflies light the sky at dusk.


Tin Roof Cottage. We honestly can’t even explain this place in words. Our oasis for our stay outside of Nashville looked like an Anthropologie catalogue come to life, and we found our eyes and hearts going in every direction trying to film and photograph and enjoy this place.






Franklin, TN

We heard so many great things about the downtown Franklin area, and so we knew we had to explore a little! We ended up going into White’s Mercantile, which is literally a little slice of American heaven on earth! We fluttered around the store, finding gems of products that we talked each other into needing. The shop keepers chatted with us as we gushed for a good hour, and sent us off with business cards scribbled on the back with personal recommendations of where to visit in the surrounding area of Franklin. We then made our 4th [or 5th] stop into Frothy Monkey (our favorite coffee shop in Nashville) where we indulged in iced coffees (Maya’s pick: Lavender Orange, Sarah’s pick: Coconut Cream).

Puckett’s Grocery. A smaller village within Franklin is Leiper’s Fork, and in the center of this one-road town is Puckett’s Grocery. There’s a smoker billowing with smoke, making the whole main street hazy. Men in overalls and trucker hats sit on benches and at picnic tables, a large dog pants keeping cool in the Tennessee heat. Inside, theres a simple food line where we ordered our Meat and Three. The food is simple–not one frill. We sat at a table in the dimly-lit general store where the shelves are stocked with home goods and toiletries. We chewed on sweet potato fries and listened to a bluegrass band who began to play.





We wandered the rest of main street with full bellies, and found our way into a little boutique called Wanderlust where Maya bought a cute floral printed boho dress to wear with her Nashvillian cowboy boots <3.


We highly recommend visiting this beautiful country oasis on the outskirts of Nashville.


❤ us

Find out more about staying at the Tin Roof Cottage here.

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